Picnic Restaurant
Area: 10,000 sq ft
Completion: 2016

Picnic is a multi-cuisine communal dining restaurant that combines the buzz and energy of a food truck park with an immersive outdoor park experience. It is situated along Singapore’s Orchard Road in Wisma Atria, Level 3. We were commissioned for the interior and branding design, to create a vibrant new identity for Picnic that is consistent throughout the space. The guiding question was simple. How could an indoor space within a mall feel like an outdoor park? Parks are centres of recreation and community- informal places of relaxation with family and friends. It was important for the space to be a chill hang out destination, and for landscaping to form a central feature. We worked with Voidworks (Ambience Programmers) and Harijanto Setiawan (Landscape Consultant) to create a space that could transform seamlessly from daytime to sunset to night time, and from spring to winter. Each of the three seating zones: Flower Garden, Picnic Stage Lawn and Beer Garden would transform in terms of colour hues, prop styling and landscaping.

Inspired by food truck parks in Atlanta and San Francisco where vibrant gourmet trucks surround lush green lawns, we thought about the different types of spaces that could be found in a park setting. Botanical conservatories such as flower hot houses came to mind – and formed the entrance seating zone, where diners are immersed in a floral environment, with fresh flowers below the glass tables and hanging overhead. Rolling lawns under lush canopies with a live music stage forms the heart of Picnic. On the edge of the park and street, an outdoors beer garden with concrete pavements, steel furniture and aged brick provides the setting for the Beer Garden. To overcome the challenge of creating an outdoor space within the deep floor plan of the existing unit, which only had windows along one side and relatively low ceiling height, we worked with lighting specialists from Philips to fill the space with natural lighting that could be flexibly calibrated.

Material palettes were carefully selected for each zone, inspired by the street and being outdoors. Raw steel frames and wired glass form a monochrome backdrop for the floral accents in the Flower Garden, reminiscent of botanical conservatories. Timber frames and expanded steel mesh form the backing for the lush tree canopies in the Picnic Stage Lawn. Natural solid wood with pops of pink and blue create a lighthearted gathering grounds. For the Beer Garden, recycled colonial wood, burnt umber oxidised steel and concrete tops give an urban street edge. The sinuous park path in pink and mint pebblewash leads to the vibrant Food Street – where the colourful food trucks gain centrestage.

Find out more here: http://www.picnicsg.com/