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The client brief for this space was to create 9 'classrooms of the future' for Skillsfuture — a rentable venue for a wide-range of learning providers from neo-natal yoga classes, corporate team building to conferences.

Research was conducted into the ways learning has evolved over the years; with evidence pointing at a shift towards more participative andragogy, away from didactic modes where one teacher addresses the whole class. Breakout group formats, interactive digital engagement tools, are a common feature of learning today.

The classrooms were thus designed with a mix of high-tech and low-tech features to encourage interaction. Each classroom boasts of an interactive projector screen that allows participants to make annotations on their phones, remotely casting and saving their work. Writable surfaces on the walls are designed into each classroom in accordance with the theme.

Learning was imagined to be a journey with pitstops — allowing each room to be a distinct destination such as a Book Hall, Cabin, Beach, Laboratory and Glasshouse amongst others. This created a variety that lent itself well to the milieu of classes conducted under Skillsfuture's umbrella.

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