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Picnic Restaurant

Picnic is a multi-cuisine communal dining restaurant that combines the buzz and energy of a food truck park with an immersive outdoor park experience. How could a restaurant have a dynamic ambience that changes from day to night, coffee to bar?

Quarters designed the interiors and branding with transformable lighting and visuals, with Voidworks (Ambience Programmers). Each of the three seating zones: Flower Garden, Picnic Stage Lawn and Beer Garden featured customised Philips visual panels. The landscaping used a mixture of fresh flowers and foliage, with faux plants peeking overhead.

Material palettes were carefully selected for each zone, inspired by the street and being outdoors. The Flower Garden tapped on a palette of raw steel frames and wired glass holding fresh flowers, reminiscent of botanical hot houses. The Picnic Stage Lawn housed three feature trees formed using raw plywood, turfing and customized solid wood tables. For the Beer Garden, recycled colonial wood, burnt umber oxidised steel and concrete tops give an urban street edge. The sinuous park path in pink and mint pebblewash leads to the vibrant Food Street – where the colourful food trucks gain centrestage.

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