Design + Research + Community + Craft.

Quarters Architects | Quarters Studio Pte Ltd

Quarters Architects is an architectural practice based in Singapore. Quarters Studio Pte Ltd is an interior and branding design studio.

We believe that design can be a powerful storyteller. Through the creation of spaces we transport people into new worlds of experiences, narrating by design. Our clients include Omakase Burger, Picnic at Wisma Atria, Fabcafe at Artscience Museum, Kara Cafe by Sogurt, Raffles Montessori Preschool and others.

DESIGN – ‘Shelter’ means different things to different individuals and companies. We are committed to understanding your brand story so that we can work with you to tailor-make an environment that fits you well.

RESEARCH – On a quarterly basis, we research materials, space typologies, innovative storage ideas – chewing on specific knots in the design industry that could lead to better solutions.

COMMUNITY – As a studio, we believe that design can and should make a difference to community, regardless of fee scale. We set aside time to pursue projects that can make this difference, whether it is a house build for flood victims in an Orang Asli village in Kelantan, or a design workshop for emergency shelters.

CRAFT – We search for meaning in our craft: in an increasingly digital world, architecture is one of the few industries that retains its physical agency. As Juhani Pallasmaa puts it, “the door handle is the handshake of the building.” Through thoughtful craftsmanship and built matter, we befriend the world. Watch this space for upcoming workshops.

Felicia Toh is a registered architect in Singapore, and an active design writer for publications such as Cubes Indesign Magazine, Singapore Architects Magazine and Habitus. She previously honed her architectural practice at Ong & Ong, Formwerkz Architects and Ministry of Design. Felicia moderated the Architecture in Print & the City Panel Discussion during Archifest 2017. She is interested in the intersections between design, writing and photography: in the ways they inspire beauty in the stories we tell of our cities.

Kenneth Koh is a registered architect in Singapore, and is constantly experimenting with illustration and art and their intersections with architecture and urban space. He is also a member of the Singapore Institute of Architects Publications Committee. He has led design teams on projects of varying scales with Ong & Ong & Farm. Recently, he won CDL’s Singapore Sculpture Award and will see his creation built in East Coast Park.