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National Gallery Singapore

Esplanade Park is surrounded by historic monuments, the Padang, colonial-era institutions such as Victoria Theatre, National Gallery & Asian Civilisations Museum. Across the mouth of the river and beyond, a starkly contrasting landscape of glitzy modernity is evident. Facets of the passage is skewed in response to the scattered artefacts around this Park. In-situ texts mined from plaques and historic documents form the content of this artwork – where the myriad layers of Singapore’s histories and speculative futures meet precipitously in this enigmatic garden, traversing contexts of time and space.

Between Two Worlds is a spatial sculpture that pulls the multiple facets of Singapore’s cobbled reality into a single charged passage. Beckoned by mirrored memory pools, the liquid like reflections disappear into the night. Kevin Wong’s atmospheric sonnet about loss and war, So We Might, written for Esplanade Park, graces the walls in bent wire sculptures — “I’ll call out to you, sometimes, across the worlds that separate us.”

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