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Jyu capsule hotel is inspired by the mandarin word for theatre, ju yuan. Historically, Smith Street was a vibrant street where theatre goers frequented a famous Cantonese opera theatre called Lai Chun Yuen. Cantonese troupes often travelled between cities on boats which contained double decker beds, not unlike the typology of capsule hotels.

Arriving at the hotel, automated check in counters provide access cards that lead guests to level 2, with a reception space that houses a communal dining table, pantry and tea pavilion. The third floor features a laundromat, ironing facility and dressers behind a timber lattice screen. Neutral woods, pale cement screed, original artwork and sage green accents pull together to form a calming space. Elements of cantonese theatre stages inspired the overlap details of screens in the hotel. Navigating ceiling height and SCDF guidelines governing capsule hotels, each Jyu capsule bed is fitted with individual aircon vents with adjustable air flow, sprinklers, a flip down table and a safe box.

Seeking to craft an immersive customer experience, Quarters also designed the branding and signage graphics. See Art & Branding / Jyu Hotel Branding.

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